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Guidance for SITE STEWARDS


The site steward role

​This is such an important job but the Tour Manager will run through everything you need to do on the day.


You need to get there at 5.15, that is 45 minutes before the public are let in, but some venues start earlier. Check our marketing for times or with the local organiser (who might be you!). Your main job will be helping the House Manager arrange where people sit in the arena. This will involve suggesting where they can place their chairs and keeping them packed tightly together. Ensuring people don't spread out too much and asking people to pack away tables and picnics at the correct time. Seating, or a place to put chairs, isn't numbered or allocated and is on a first come first served basis. If people arrive before the arena opens at 6.00pm they will have to cue outside. As a Steward you are welcome to save your spot before the arena opens. You will also be selling programmes in the audience and helping out the Ticket Steward when needed. The Tour Manger,  House Manager and the Ticket Steward will all explain what you'll need to do on the night.

what do you get?​

A free ticket to the show and the chance to get your chairs for you and your group near the front before the rest of the audience arrive!​


If you have any questions then please feel free to ask any member of the team on the night. Alternatively you can email us at


It might be worth having a look through our audience information section and our Terms & Conditions section so you are clued up if anyone asks any questions! Click on the links below.

Thank you so much we really appreciate your help!

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