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Are you a business & would like to sponsor The Rudes?

Working with communities – The Rudes work mainly in small communities & have become part of the annual calendar of many villages & a few towns since we started out in 1999. Our work brings people together year after year. Communities bind people together, combat loneliness, create a sense of identity & loyalty & generate the economy. Sponsorship of our shows is a very effective way therefore of getting to the heart of communities. If you run a business & would like to target particular communities with what you have to offer then sponsoring us might be a way of doing it.


We have a strong following on social media. Our reach in 2022 was to over 125,000 people. 


Getting your business known in villages – We are always looking for businesses, therefore, interested in supporting our work & of course getting their name and brands out into communities. We cover the whole of the South Coast, except Cornwall (that is, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, West & East Sussex, Kent & London) & work in over 50 locations, mainly villages but a number of towns too – and about 7,000 people come every year to see us.

Help support our work – The kind of work we do is not commercial; we create brand new original plays – Not recycling old standards – & you may like to be associated with that kind of originality. You might just love our work anyway. By sponsoring us you are helping to make our tours viable which might be a reward in itself, but we do understand that the primary purpose would be get your brand known in these communities.

Get in touch – If this is something you would like to do, get in touch with us by emailing or phoning our office at the Peppe Nappa Studio, Eastbourne – 01323-501260 – and we can discuss how we can proceed.

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