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The Rudes typically play around 50 venues in a season. The bulk of our venues are open air and are performed in public parks, recreation grounds, village greens and private gardens; performances are often in rural locations. All of our venues, including our covered shows in The Little Top Tent, are on grass. The terrain at some of our shows can be rough and undulating but, understandably, every venue is very different. Our shows are not in the promenade style and the action only takes place in one location. Many of our venues have accessible toilets but not all of them. At the end of a show when it is dark we provide floodlights but audience members may find that some areas on exiting are dimly lit. Even when it has been a very warm day once the sun goes down it can get cold.

We sometimes continue performing whilst it is raining. When we perform in The Little Top the seating is raked and there are a number of steps to the top tier. Additional entrances and exits from the tent are available for wheelchair users and those with low mobility.


We recommend that audience members with additional access needs contact us on to discuss any access requirements you may have. We want you to have the best possible experience and we will do our best to advise you of the most suitable venue for your visit.

For audience members who require space for a wheelchair we recommend ticking the 'Do you need space for a wheelchair?' box when making your booking.


For any other access needs please contact us on


We offer accessible tickets, at a reduced rate, that are reserved for fans with disabilities and a companion. The accessible ticket bundle includes 2 tickets. At most venues, accessible spaces will allow enough room for guests who use a wheelchair with additional space for a companion. If you require additional information, we suggest you contact us directly.

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