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How it all began

An old picture of a green lorry pulling an ornate, green showman's wagon. There is a washing line strung between the two vehicles with sheets hanging on it.

Founded by Pete Talbot in 1997 we first toured in 1999 with our showman’s living wagon & old green truck, changing in the living wagon & performing on a stage that took much too long to put up. For the first 3 years we toured to small rural communities with Shakespeare plays to find our audience, style and purpose as a company. Our aim was and is to create new plays, always comedy but embracing the tragic, using a style and brand of our own inspired by the commedia dell’arte but for the 21st century & for ‘our audiences’.

An old green showman's wagon with a wooden stage in front of it. People are sitting on the stage relaxing and eating lunch.
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