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The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company’s eNVIRONMENTAL policy

The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our business activities. 


We ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations as a minimum and this policy encourages continual improvement in environmental performance.


We Endeavour


To minimise energy usage.


To recycle waste.


To reduce carbon dioxide emissions in line with UK targets.


To use sustainable and ethical goods.


To reduce resource consumption.


To monitor and track our emissions using Julie’s Bicycle’s Creative Climate Tools. The results of this monitoring will then inform our environmental strategy and organisational priorities.


What We Already Do


Reuse and recycle costumes, fabrics and other associated materials within our current stock.


Reuse and recycle theatrical sets within our current stock.


Endeavour to use recycled materials in the creation of new costumes and theatrical sets.


Develop our tour schedules to maximise travel efficiency and minimise the  number of vehicles used in our touring productions.


Recently Implemented Changes and Investments


As an open air touring theatre company we frequently perform in rural locations where access to mains electricity has not been available. In 2022 we replaced our previous system of gas lighting with very low energy consumption battery operated LED lights. The lights are powered from an EcoFlow battery.


In 2023 we replaced our tour van with a newer second hand model which is more efficient.

What WE Are Committed To

Developing and embedding a culture of sustainability across all of our activities.

Monitoring our environmental impact and developing & implementing new strategies to lessen our impact on the environment.

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