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do you have venue in mind where the rudes could perform?

The Rudes have a circuit of fabulous venues, many of which we have been visiting for many years. We have developed strong relationships and friendships with these communities and we are very proud to keep touring to them year after year. These relationships are at the core of our values in terms of touring our shows across Southern England and making the sort of theatre that we make.

Some years we will look to extend our tours and new venues and relationships materialise.

In practical terms there are a few important factors that we have to consider before trying out a new venue. Is the site big enough? Does the venue have easy access to toilets? Does the venue have the capacity to provide accommodation for our team if the venue is over an hours drive from our home base? Does the venue have a key individual or team of individuals who can drive the promotion of the show locally? Can we generate a large enough audience to break even? We usually need around 120 people to see one of our shows in order for us not to make a loss, however, we're hardly in it for the money! Some of our venues can't support audiences of that size but we still go because we believe it is important for us to work in rural locations where access to theatre is limited.

If you have a venue in mind then drop us an email and we'll gladly discuss your ideas.

If you would like more information on hosting a show for The Rudes then please see the downloadable PDF below.

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