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what do people say ABOUT THE RUDES?

'Thoroughly enjoyed your amazing performance in Bradford Abbas last week! Incredible talent, music was brill as were the laughs!! Thank you!'

'Awesome at Burwash! Thanks for a lovely evening, see you soon xxxx'
J. Durden


'Excellent performance at Tapeley Park. rock

“Many, many, many thanks to you all for a wonderful, magical evening at Pond Cottage. We have only seen three shows and I can’t bear the thought of not having discovered the Rude Mechanicals long ago” – Tizzie Coleman,  Litlington

'My first theatre for easily a year and a half. Thank you so much for such a safely managed, creative, thoughtful, funny and poignant performance. Throughly enjoyed it!'

M. Whiskar

'Went to see you all at East Dean on Thursday evening, it was brilliant, very professional but raw, funny yet sad, well done all of you, great musicians as well, a really great performance'



'Loved it as always, it’s our favourite night of the year! You are all so incredibly talented; see you back in Wadhurst next Summer.'

It was a fabulous production you are amazing to overcome all the various hurdles this year. Hoping next year will be better for you looking forward to your next hilarious tale
P. Sands

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batch_Dixon 2.jpg

'We were awestruck watching you three weeks ago and still reeling from your amazing performances thank you!'
R. Heppelthwaite

'Absolutely superb, rich, glorious, funny and poignant show with an extraordinary cast … oozing talent!!! Cannot recommend this enough!!!'
R. Pittman

“I write from a house buzzing with excitement. Our Ukrainian family – Luda, Nastya and Alisa – were absolutely bowled over by the show last night and have sent texts and pictures to their friends and family who are now scattered across Europe. They say they’ve never seen anything so brilliant and were grilling me for adjectives that would express their enthusiasm – we pooled all our adjectives and still needed more! Of course, I’ve always been immensely proud of theatre-makers in the UK but it’s wonderful to hear an outside view of just how inspiring theatre at its best can be” – Alison Allen, Eastbourne

We loved it! Saw you at Whitstable and wait for you to come every year. Wonderful stuff! Such fun!

M. Fearnside

'Loved every single minute of this, are F A B U L O U S'

'Really enjoyed the Hartfield performance on Wednesday. The performers are so talented and versatile (and likeable). Thank you for providing a highlight of the summer, much missed in 2020'

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